We’re often asked “how much will this cost?” and our answer is usually “well, it depends on XYZ!”.
When it comes to baked goods (especially custom cakes) the price really depends on a number of factors, such as the size, flavour, design and delivery location.
The biggest factor is usually the design – some cakes take 2 hours to make and others can take 20 or even 200 hours, simply due to the details and amount of labour involved!
We need to know all of this information before we can draw up an accurate quote. However, we understand that you need some sort of idea of what our bakes cost, so that you’re able to budget for your event accordingly. Below you will find a general price list. These prices serve as a general guide only and are subject to change without notice.


  • Standard 20cm round single tier:
    • Buttercream: R450+ each
    • Fondant: R600+ each
  • Tiered cakes:
    • Buttercream: R30+ per serving
    • Fondant: R40+ per serving
  • 3D sculpted cakes:
    • R50+ per serving


  • Basic flavours: R15+ each
  • Gourmet flavours: R18 – R35 each
  • Small fondant details: R17 – R25 each
  • Fondant disk: R20 – R40 each
  • 3D fondant toppers: R40+ each


  • Plain macarons: R13 each
  • Gourmet macarons: R15+ each
  • Fondant cookies: R12+ each
  • Royal icing cookies: R15+ each


  • Cardboard toppers: R30+ each
  • Perspex/wood toppers: R150+ each
  • Small fondant figurines: R50+ each
  • Large fondant figurines: R200+ each
  • Fresh flowers: R10+ each
  • Sugar flowers: R20+ each
  • Chocolates: R5+ each
  • Fruit: R5+ per serving

No matter the industry, you will find products/services that are good, fast, or cheap, but you can only pick two! If it’s fast and cheap it won’t be good. If it’s cheap and good, it won’t be fast. If it’s fast and good, it won’t be cheap.


We offer exceptional quality, which you can read more about here. We pour all of our passion and creativity into everything we make, because we love creating beautiful pieces of edible art! BUT the taste of everything we make is incredibly important! We truly want you to enjoy eating your edible art. This is why all of our confectionery is freshly handmade, entirely from scratch, using only the best ingredients: Free-range local farm eggs, the finest quality chocolate, as well as lots and lots of real butter. This extra effort makes our bakes distinctly unique, super delicious and unforgettably enjoyable.

Cakes from us are special. They are an investment. They are works of art that will put the “cherry on top” of your event.
Contact us if you are looking for a showstopper, in both design and flavour. We would absolutely love to be a part of your event and help create special memories!
If you are looking for “just a cake” then we are probably not the right fit for you. Just a word of caution, please be careful of (cheap) budget bakers. We have heard of many cake disasters (due to poor quality, poor construction, lack of experience and more) which we obviously don’t want for you. While you might be on a tight budget, a cake that will crack, fall, topple or taste horrible just isn’t worth the risk. There are many bakers out there that we are happy to recommend.