Cake sizes

Every special occasion deserves an equally special cake, but cakes come in many different shapes, sizes
and configurations, which can be confusing! Not to worry, here are our industry standard serving guides:

Round cake servings
Square cake servings

Our standard size cake is 20cm round with 3 layers of cake per tier, as seen in our online shop.
Our standard height is about 5 inches (13cm), although wedding cakes are usually taller, about 6 inches (15cm).
Round and square cakes are the most common shapes but hexagons, petals and hearts are also available.

Cake servings

Wondering how to get so many servings? Cut your cake in a grid pattern instead of triangles.

triangle slices
rectangle slices

It is not as tricky as it might seem. You cut a row and then divide it up, like this:

Here is our handy guide:

Cherry on Top cake cutting guide

Remember: It is always a good idea to have extra servings.
You may need them for photos, or unexpected guests, or you might just want seconds! 😉

Cake structure

Tiered cakes have an internal structure that helps support the cakes so that they can be top of each other.
Although the structure itself is inedible, it is food safe and is easily removed.

2 tier cake structure

To serve a tiered cake:

  1. Cut the top tier into its recommended number of servings
  2. Remove the thin board left behind
  3. Pull out the dowels from the next tier
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 until all the cake is cut
  5. Enjoy!