Frequently asked questions

There are 4 ways for you to place an order.
1) Use the form on our contact page
2) Email use directly at
3) Visit our online shop
4) WhatsApp us on 0741654343

If you would like something custom made, tell us about what you would like, how many people it needs to serve, its flavour/s and what date it is for. We’ll draw up a quote for you and a payment will confirm your order.

The more time, the better. It is best to order as early as possible to avoid disappointment, because we only accept a limited number of orders every week and we get booked up really quickly.

Two weeks in advance is ideal for custom orders. Wedding cakes can be booked up to a year in advance. Only five days notice is required for the products in our online shop. We might be able to accommodate last minute orders depending on our availability.

We accept ATM cash deposits or EFT payments.

You may request reasonable changes to your cake and/or other goods up to two weeks prior to the delivery/collection date. Where possible, Cherry on Top will accommodate these changes, however additional costs may be incurred. Changes requested less than two weeks prior to the due date will be considered but may be denied. Certain changes may be made by Cherry on Top for the sake of structural or artistic integrity, or other emergencies.

Yes, of course. Delivery is highly recommended for all tiered cakes and wedding cakes, usually because these cakes need to be set up on site.

We offer free delivery within Grahamstown (deliveries outside of Grahamstown will incur a fee). Monday to Friday at 14:30 or 17:30. Saturdays from 08:00 to 12:00. We are closed on Sundays, so deliveries requested for Sundays will be delivered on Saturdays instead.

We deliver to all the surrounding areas, such as Port Alfred, Kenton, Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay. Delivery fees do apply. The fee is calculated according to the distance travelled, number of staff required and time.

Yes, you may collect at your own risk.

Travelling with a cake is not as easy as it sounds – it is stressful and you need to drive very carefully! All of our cakes are packaged in boxes and can be transported as they are. We recommend placing these boxes on flat surfaces (eg. in the boot of your car) and not on a back seat or someone’s lap. It is important, especially on warm days, to make sure that the car is as cool as possible. Do not take any sharp corners or brake suddenly.

In the words of renowned cake artist, Erica O’Brien: “There are only two people who can be trusted to deliver a cake: the one who made it and the one who paid for it”.

All of our cakes have been refrigerated before delivery, so it is not usually necessary. It is best to let them come to room temperature before consumption.

We recommended that all baked goods be kept in a dry place at an optimal temperature of 25ºC or below. All baked goods should be refrigerated in warm weather and/or if they contain any fruit and/or if they are not consumed on the day of delivery or collection. When cakes are removed from the refrigerator, they may form condensation but it is normal and will dry over time. Leftover cake should be wrapped in clingfilm and refrigerated.

You can, but at your own risk. We recommended that all baked goods be kept in a dry place at an optimal temperature of 25ºC or below. Cakes and other baked goods should not be placed in direct sunlight or hot, humid areas because heat and moisture can adversely affect cakes. Cherry on Top cannot be held responsible for any consequences of poor storage, adverse weather conditions or outdoor locations.

We bake our cakes fresh from scratch, without any artificial shelf life extenders. This means that most cakes only last about 2 – 5 days depending on the type of cake. We recommend that you enjoy them on the day that you receive them, and the leftovers should be wrapped in clingfilm and refrigerated.

That’s what we aim for, but it is not always possible. Occasionally dowel rods, ribbons, wires, skewers, flowers and other inedible items are utilised in or on our baked goods, for support or decoration. We will provide you with a list of the inedible items and it is your responsibility to remove the inedible items from your baked goods before consumption.

Definitely! All of our cakes are freshly baked and decorated according to your requirements.

We do our best to avoid ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for for those with food allergies – please tell us about your allergies before placing your order. We do make a few gluten-free cakes, eggless cakes and cow’s milk-free cakes. Unfortunately we do not currently offer any sugar-free or vegan products.

Unless otherwise specified, all of our products contain cow’s milk, egg and wheat (gluten). Our products may also contain peanuts, tree nuts, soya, or traces thereof. All of our products are made in a kitchen that uses these items, thus there is always a risk of cross contamination (even though our cross contamination policies are very strict) therefore we cannot guarantee a total absence of these items in any of our products. Clients with food allergies must be aware of this risk. Cherry on Top will not assume any liability for adverse reactions from the food consumed, or items one may come in contact with whilst eating any products.

Most of the photographs on this website were taken by Cherry on Top, thus they are owned by Cherry on Top and are subject to copyright. Clients may share and post our images of their cakes but credit must be given to Cherry on Top. Legal action may be taken if any of our images are misused by other person/s.

Most cakes can be tailored to your budget. Simply tell us about the cake that you would like and what your budget is, and we will do our best to provide you with something suitable.

No, unfortunately we do not offer bulk discounts. We make everything by hand in small quantities, which takes a lot of time and skill. This does not change as your order gets bigger.

No, unfortunately we do not supply restaurants or other businesses. We’ve learnt from past experiences that this doesn’t usually work out, but if you have an interesting idea please contact us!

Yes you may. All cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to Please see our Product Terms And Conditions to read our cancellation policy.

In most situations, yes, especially if you request a refund in a reasonable time before delivery or collection. Please see our Product Terms And Conditions to read our refunds policy.